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my period is usually regular and i had unprotected sex before my period was due.i missed my period and i have been having implantation bleeding for about a week after my period was due.i was reading some articles and i wanted to know am i pregnant?am i experiencing an ectopic pregnancy?im really scared and i need a answer quick.


How late is your period? Have you taken a HPT yet?

It could be implantation bleeding. Is it more of a spotting?

Ectopic pregnancies are fairly uncommon. Usually there is some scarring of the fallopian tubes that causes them. This could be due to an infection. Why do you think you have an ectopic pregnancy?

Take a test using your first morning urine. Follow all directions, especially times, to the letter. The first urine is more concentrated and more likely to produce a positive. False negatives are common, false positives not.

Post back with your results.