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I recently took a first reponse pregnancy test and received a negative. But in the back of my mind I feel that I am in fact pregnant. I sleep MAJORITY of my days away and then im up past 2 in the morning. I eat for what seems like NON-STOP. My belly has gotten extremely round, it sticks out and is very firm. My boobs feel bigger and feel heavy. This might b a silly statement but I cant keepy my hands off my belly....whether it b to adjust my shirt so that I wont look fat (lol) , me rubbing it, or laying on my back and feeling flutters (like butterflies). About 3 weeks ago I had very sharp lower abdominal pains and this week ive been spotting very lightly. My menstrual cycle is crazy anyway due to birth control for so many years and I very rarley have a normal period if any at all. I havent been on the pill or shot since around February 2013. I have been thru pregnancy before and with that pregnancy I took multiple tests and recieved negatives results (First Response). It wasnt until I was 3 months pregnant that I recieved a positive result. My questions are ...are these good reasons to suspect pregnancy and what is a good pregnancy test other then first response? HELP PLEASE...this is driving me crazy


Hi Anonymous,

Your symptoms are not specific to pregnancy.

But, see your doctor.  Urine tests are NOT reliable.  They are only really accurate when they indicate "pregnant."  They default to "NOT pregnant."

You can try another test, First Response is a good name, but you MUST use your very first morning urine when you test as this urine is more concentrated and more likely to provide an early result.

Good luck.