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i am ttc #2 and a little confused

my af was due 31st december i did a couple of early responce pregnancy tests and they come up withvery faint positives on the 3rd of jan i had what i thought was a af (just assumed chemical pregnancy) my af is usually really heavy and usually lasts 6 days, this one was very light and only lasted 3 days.

I redid pregnancy test and got  more positives in the evening but negative in the morning, its 8 days later and i am getting lots of pg symptoms.

any ideas ??



Hi Guest,

False positives are very rare.

It's a bit unusual to have the positive in the evening and the negatives in the morning.  Normally your urine would be more concentrated in the mornings, that's why you're told to test then.  It has a better chance of detecting hCG.  As time progresses the accuracy increases.  You should be getting a clear result.

Are you following the directions - EXACTLY?  Are your reading it when told?  If so, try another brand.  You should be getting a CLEAR indication that you are pregnant, or not, not a "faint" or "very faint" response.  The tests don't work that way - they only react to the presence of hCG.  If it's there, you're pregnant, and it should be CLEAR.

If another test doesn't help, see your doctor.

Good luck.