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Hey there! I am in desperate need of help...

About a week ago (on april 22nd) I had sex with no condom...But I am on birth Control ( Aviane 28 to be precise) I was on Yaz a month ago but decided to switch. Now I took the pill everyday without missing one. but after the 22nd...(the day right after)  I started feeling nervous.. And then I got breast pains...(just a sort of dull pain) but now the thing is, I was expecting my periods on the 27th, *which I did get* or at least I think it is my period... the only difference is that is lighter then I am used to, and I find it doesn't have the same odor... So i do not know if it is my menstruation or perhaps implantation bleeding? ( never been pregnant so i would not know what to expect...)

could all of this just be my body adapting to my new birth control mixed with menstruation?

I also took a pregnancy test yesterday, but as I was too nervous and stressed out I wasn't able to pee really... but i did see an ish faint line in the negative.... and today it seems to be positive...

This is something that really scares me and I would love to get some answers and help...

I Thank you Dearly for reading and or replying.


Hi Canon,

Birth control is very reliable if you take exactly as prescribed.  Even changing, if you have been on it for more than a week you should be protected.
I do think what your experiencing may be related to the switch. 

Definitely take another test, using your FIRST MORNING urine.  It is more concentrated and more likely to show an earlier positive.  Follow all directions, especially the times, carefully.  If it comes out negative, and you still don't think this is a normal period, retest in 7-10 days.  By then you should have an accurate result.

False negatives are common testing early.  False positives are rare.

The test should not be ambiguous.  It should be YES or NO.  It should not be MAYBE.  After the time expires, it doesn't matter what the test says, it is not valid.  When you say "today it seems to be positive..." if that is the same test that you took the day before, disregard what it says.  

Hope it helps.  Good luck.