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im 23 years old and have a pretty steady cycle. when my period was due I had all the signs of starting but it never came. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came back negative. (Could I have taken it too early)  i don't feel as if I'm going to start my period anytime soon. I'm having cramps and some white discharge. ive been on some forums where people have had similar issues but no one ever updates if they're pregnant or not. I also had a coworker at work today ask me if I was pregnant, she said I had a "glow" and it looked like I had gained some weight in my thighs. (I'm petite so it's noticeable)

so if anyone has had any similar issues and can actually tell me what happened with them please let me know. And I will keep you updated.  


Hi Cduke,

You can sometimes just be late.

But, when you took the home test did you use your first morning urine, your "wake up pee?"  It is more "concentrated" so can give an earlier result.  You did not test "too early" but sometimes the home tests just DO NOT work.  They are only really reliable when saying "pregnant."  False negatives are very common.  False positives are very rare.

Give yourself another few days.  If still nothing then see your doctor.  Even if you are not pregnant it is important to find out why you haven't had your period.  It could indicate a cyst or a hormonal problem.

Good luck.