Okay so I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over a year and there’s a chance I might have an STD. I took a doctor’s visit because I’ve been experiencing an uncomfortable sensation when I pee and after  it’s a constant feeling of needing to use the restroom. I  initially I thought  it was just an UTI but the doctor said there’s not sign of that when I took a urine test. She’s said there’s a chance I might have  chlamydia or gonorrhea. I’m just really confused about the whole thing and just need some help I guess. Anyways before my boyfriend and I got together we have been with two different people, sexually. I have always used a condom until I got with my recent boyfriend. I went on birth control when I moved in with him. My boyfriend on the other hand said he never really used condoms when he was sexually active with the two different people. My question is that why am I now getting an STD? I’ve heard different things of we just have too much sex(which I guess we tend to do) or it’s a hygiene thing that maybe when we do have sex it’s not very clean down there and it can cause infection and such. I have a bad habit of over thinking things and I do trust my boyfriend.. a lot really. Could the two of use just create an STD or could there be a reason of him not telling me about another person he’s had sex with while we’re together and that’s how I might be with an STD. If I am STP positive and he’s not really showing any signs what would that mean? I’ve never been with anyone else after we got together and I just need something to ease my mind. Thank you for your time