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Soup, not only chicken soup, has many benefits when your feeling under the weather. Read up and then use this helpful recipe.

During the winter months, you start to feel a little bleak. It always happens. At some point, you’ll get a cold the flu and by the time you know it, you’re crying out for the summer sun and the chance to bronze your body. But unfortunately, winter is here to stay. It’s the coldest season by far and while it has its bonuses (Christmas and New Year, anyone?!) there’s no doubt that it’s a tough season to navigate. No matter how much you wrap up warm or how thick the extra blanket you put on your bed it, you will no doubt end up sniffly and unwell.

The best type of thing to eat during a period of unwellness is a nice, hearty meal. Forget fast food and sandwiches during winter, because it’s all about making warm food, well. Pies, stews and casseroles and the way to go, with plenty of vegetables to push you back to life quicker. Yet the only problem with making such big meals is that it’s usually a big effort to put together in the first place, and if you’re a bit under the weather do you really want to be home-baking and making? If you’re anything like me, that will be the last thing on your mind. Yet, I do have a solution: soup.

Soup is such an easy thing to make. A lot of the time you will have the ingredients in your house, and if you don’t, you will have ingredients for some kind of soup in your house anyway. It’s a great way to use us all the odds and sods left over from various other meals, and the perfect thing is that there’s no wrong thing to put in soup - it’s the ultimate in simple experimentation and foodie trial and error.

One of the most popular types of soup is chicken. When you’re ill especially, tanking up on some delicious chicken soup has so many different ways it can help make you feel better and aid you in recovering from a nasty cold/flu. Firstly, it’s warm. And when you’re feeling disgusting, be it at home or at work, never underestimate how a warm bowl of soup can bring you back round to the human side. It’s soothing feel also helps your throat from feeling sore and raw. And anything that can do that is OK by me!

Cooking up a soup to a really hot level produces steam. This temperature that your soup will be cooked and eaten at is so high that it will help loosen up congestion and aid breathing through your nose, as well as helping clear/reduce the chance of congestive headaches caused from any build up during a cold.

On top of the scientific mumbo-jumbo is the fact that soup just warms you up. There’s nothing better than being unwell and sitting in a cold house or a cold bed and trying to warm yourself up no matter how many pairs of socks you put on. Eating a hearty bowl of soup will surely bring you up to a toasty, manageable temperature level.

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