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I recently went to the doctor as I had genital symptoms such as; pain when urinating, redness, soreness and abdominal pain. The doctor did a urine test and she said I had a mild bladder infection (urinary tract infection). She prescribed me antibiotics which I have now taken. I finished the course yesterday and the symptoms have returned.

I am now unsure as to whether I really had a urinary track infection and if it could maybe be an STD. Can I have an STD when the doctor said I had a urinary tract infection and did a test?

I am a bit embarrassed to go to the doctor to find out, but I will if I need to. I am sexually active and an STD is a possibility.


It once took 3 rounds of antibiotics to finally get rid of my bladder infection.
On the other side, it may be an STD. Do you and your partner use a condom.?
You say you got it back right away. Your partner could be passing something back to you.
Did your MD specifically check for an STD, or just for a UTI?
With a bladder infection, you have to drink a lot of water as well.