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I remember getting my period in Dec 2014 but i dont remember the exact date the last period I remember was in Nov from 16-28 on / off and I had jus came from off depo . I had sex with my ex bf on Jan5 & 8 2015 & on them days i did it to my ex I was fertile & ovulating at least thats what the period app said when I put all my information in & then with my bf on Jan 9 onto Feb 1 2015 when I was fertile & ovulating too but now its Feb 2 & I didn't see my period all Jan im jus confused about who will be my baby father if i am pregnant but when I went to the hospital Jan 22 2015 the pregnancy test was negative but I thought you had to be 5 weeks to detect your hgc level but I'm jus hoping its my current bfs baby if I am pregnant. I need help & answers


A few points for consideration

  1. If you have recently come off depo, then your cycle is likely to be difficult to ascertain for a few months/cycles.
  2. If you don't remember your period dates,
    • how does your app calculate when you are likely to be fertile?
    • You said you put all your information into the app, but that would have to include your Dec period dates.
    • What information did you put in?
  3. You had sex with your ex on 5th & 8th Jan. 9th Jan to 1st Feb with your bf. Did you suddenly change bf on 9th? Or were you having sex with both for a while?
  4. 22nd Jan would be too early for a negative test to be reliable.
  5. As your cycles are unpredictable, you need to leave 21 days since your last sex to rely on a negative result. So if there is a negative result today, then if you do find later you are pregnant, then the father is not likely to be your ex.
  6. You don't usually need to be actually 5 weeks pregnant to detect hcg levels. You are actually pregnant on implantation of a fertilised egg. That happens 6-12 days after fertilisation (ovulation). A week later there should be sufficient hcg to be picked up in a test. 3 weeks after the day of ovulation/fertilisation should be more than adequate.
  7. However, with a typical 28-day cycle, 3 weeks after ovulation = 5 weeks after LMP start. Often pregnancy is counted from LMP as that is usually the only readily identifiable date. So a due date is estimated at 40 weeks from LMP start, whereas in fact it is about 38 weeks from fertilisation.
  8. Because sperm can live in a woman's body for 5-6 days, fertilisation could happen 5-6 days after sexual intercourse. A period usually comes about 14 days after ovulation (without fertilisation). So if a period has not arrived when expected, a subsequent test should be accurate. If the cycle is unpredictable, then 6+14 days from last sex should be allowed (i.e. 3 weeks)
  9. If a test taken today is positive, then it would be difficult to ascertain who the father is without a DNA test.

I hope this helps