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Even though i have an appointment in a few weeks, i wanted to confide to the internet & see what you think.

I'm 23 and i think i might possibly be pregnant. I had unprotected sex on 02/05, 4 days later i started what seemed to be a light brown discharge. The month before i didn't have my period (stress & i have irregular periods). I went to the doctors to be checked for any STD's (negative). A week after intercourse i noticed my breast were a bit bigger then usual. A couple of days after that i started feeling Sick when eating, and my lower back started to be uncomfortable from pressure ( still having the discharge). So i waited a couple of days to take a pregnancy test, which was a very light positive, so light i thought it might of been a evaporation line. A couple of days after that i started a light/regular bleed with no cramping (my periods are usually heavy). Sooo i waited another week ( still bleeding) the test came out a very faint Negative. So i thought i was paranoid and just having my period. Then my breast became very tender/ sensitive and the sickness increased and now im burping crazy, i cant eat anything with out gagging a bit. As of now iv been bleeding with a few small clots for about 2 weeks (not enough to ever fill a pad) and its almost been a month from the initial intercourse.

either my uterus is having a major malfunction
or i might be pregnant

waiting for the wisdom of the internet


Hi Lauren,
The symptoms that you are experiencing sound to me like you are pregnant. Even a faint pink line on a test (no matter how faint), indicates the test strip has detected some HCG (human chorionic gonadatropin...present only in pregnancy) within the urine. The best time to test is with the first morning urine.
The bleeding is not indicative of a regular period. Some women can get some bleeding throughout their pregnancy. Also, some bleeding may indicate miscarriage of a baby. Either way, your regular md should be able to do a blood pregnancy test, and the levels of HCG (if present in the blood test) will show up, and they will indicate if they are they rise throughout the pregnancy to indicate the pregnancy is progressing in a healthy manner with no sign of miscarriage.
Even though it has been about a month, it is still pretty early to have high HCG levels. As a matter of fact, with my first pregnancy, I didnt know until I was 8 weeks pregnant.
If you are pregnant, please be sure to take prenatal vitamins, eat healthy foods and take good care of yourself with routine prenatal medical visits. Also, with nausea, saltine crackers...ginger snaps....ginger ale.... and sprite help with the "sickies". I had morning sickness all throughout the day with my first son, and with the air pollution in Japan when I lived there, the smell made it worse.
Your telltale signs of breast tenderness (a biggie) and nausea point toward pregnancy. Blessings and take care of the little life that is growing inside you just waiting to give you lots of smiles and tears and joys and blessings,