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I have article for you on vitamin overdose. I have written for you guys:-

Mostly the fat-soluble vitamins are dangerous. Water-soluble vitamins like the vitamin-B group and vitamin C- cannot be accumulate by the body too much, so if you intakes in more than necessary in the body, they are just removed via the urine. Conversely, the fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A and D can mount up in your body and direct to toxicity in the body. Nevertheless, if you get them carefully under medical control, they as well such do not pretense risk to your body if administered inside safe restrictions specified. The only omission is for a pregnant woman, when great quantity of vitamin is taken. It may create a danger to the developing fetus.

As we grows up, our body develop into less proficient in engrossing the requisite nutrients from food, making it most significant to make sure that the correct amount of vital vitamins and minerals are taken. In contrast, old aged people are more susceptible to elevated intensities of toxicity as still surplus water-soluble vitamins are not removed since the kidneys do not works so fine. This is particularly essential in case of diseases, such as diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure, seeing as large doses of some complement can obstruct with the performance of some medications.

Administrations of high doses of vitamins for a long period of time can direct to some serious side-effects. Common symptoms consist of nausea, rapid breathing, vomiting, rashes, diarrhea are frequent with any vitamin overdose. However every single vitamin has precise symptoms related with its overdose. A few cases of the perils embrace an augmented danger of nausea, vomiting, headache, drowsiness; broken bones, blurred vision and sometimes frontal headaches are frequently the initial symbols of toxicity. Sometimes losses of sensation in the arms or legs described as peripheral neuropathy, burning pain, rapid breathing, loss of muscle coordination and sometimes paralysis.

If there is an alleged overindulges of a vitamin, don’t stop keeping it absolutely and that too right away. It is generally recommended to lessen intake to about half of present dose. As the body has acquired itself to look after a big dose of the vitamin, and so if we cut in total at the same time, it could set off a major deficiency problems. Try lessening it slowly but surely, and of course do not put out of your mind to consult a physician

So, next time before taking a vitamin dose, make a thought – do I really need this??


Great article--- I agree that popping too many pills (in any capacity) is not a healthy lifestyle. Personally, I do the multivitamin and drink a lot of juice, along with healthy eating.