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im 20 years old and this has never happened before
i got my period may 12-16... a few days later i got horrible cramps in my uterus and overies.... they were worese then any pain that i have ever felt in my life way worse then menstral cramps.... i was like doubled over in pain and not even going to the bathroom relived it..... its been about a week and a half since then and my nipples are really sore and they seem to be bigger/swollen then usual...mind u its not my brests or my areola its just the nipple..... im not expecting my period for another 2 weeks... i run about a 28-30day cycle..... could i be pregnant???

ive been off BC for alittle over a year now and my boyfriend pulls out,,,,, but we dont use condoms or any other method of birth control


The breast tenderness sounds like a symptom of pregnancy, fact is, usually that is one of the main symptoms. Using the "pull-out" method is a VERY risky "form" of birth control. You have pre-ejaculation as well, and you can get pregnant through that as well. I would go and get a pregnancy test (first response is a great brand), they offer a free test sometimes in their packages. I would take the test with your first morning urine as it has the most of amount of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin-a pregnancy hormone showing during pregnancy). You should see two lines. Even if one of the lines you see comes out faint, it is still a positive. The faint line simply means that there is not alot of HCG in your system in early pregnancy.
Please be sure to take prenatal vitamins, and seek the care of a physician. Take good care of yourself, you might have a little life growing inside of you. Hugs to you, and let us know how you are.