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im 17 and my period is due today and still no period..
i had unprotected sex on the 4th. i was ovulating. and we used the pull out method..he didn't cum n im sure..
but he might have precumed. and 3 days later i start having really bad cramps and lower back ache and it went 4 days in a row.
and then i started feeling bloated until now. and now my breasts have started hurting since 3 days ago. and i never get sore breasts even if im gonna get my period. so im really scared. now i guess i have to wait n see if i get my period. oh and i took a pregnancy test on the 17th and it was negative. should i take a new test??
could i be prego?


Hi Alexa,
Some of those symptoms sure sound like pregnancy to me. Tender breasts, (if you dont normally get them with your period), are usually one strong indicator. I would get another test, and test again.
Be sure to be taking good care of yourself, and make sure that you seek out prenatal care should you be pregnant. If you are pregnant, you have a little life growing in you that needs lots of good "stuff". Let us know how you are doing, ok?



If you took HPT 11 days after you had unprotected sex, it should showed you the correct result. You have to know that there is always a chance that HPT will not show you an accurate result.
However, you do have some symptoms of pregnancy. Have you considered to get a blood test? They are more accurate than HPT.


Every unprotected sex comes with big risk of getting pregnant. Do you have any news? Did you take any more tests?

I'm not sure what to tell you, on one side I would say that you are not pregnant, but that unprotected sex is not allowing me to say it.Sorry, but the best thing is to take another test, or go to a doctor.

Give us an update if you can.

Best of luck.