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Hey well I'm 20 and iv been off the pill for over 3 weeks now.. Normally when i come off a pill i bleed straight after but I'm still waiting,
I'm also 4 days late for my Period and its getting me so stressed.
I'm getting the pains like I'm about to come on but nothing.
I'm stupidly emotional at times and go on and off sex even thoo i have a very high sex drive.
Well me and my partner have been having unprotected sex (I'm ttc)
I'm getting all the symtoms, Nausea, Indigestion, Mood swings, Head aches, Clear watery discharge my boobs have also gotten heavy and my nipples seem to be bigger in size and deeper in colour. Also My boobs and nipples are pretty vainy which iv never noticed before.
Iv never in my life had Indigestion before, Last night (12th June. 2010) I felt it so hard to sleep.. I was either in pain with this indigestion or i was busting to go for a wee.
I'm also feeling pretty constipated.
I don't know wether its all in my head because I want to be pregnant or i actually am.
My partner says when were having sex it feels asif somethings stopping him from going in deeper (To much info i know sorry)
I'm just so confused... Those negative results broke my heart because i know for a fact somethings going on in my body thats never happened before.
Sorry about the long essay any help will be great :-)
Racheal x


Hi CookieRach,
You know, the only way people might be able to help, is to know what you are going through symptom wise, no problem. Well it sounds like 1 of 2 things could be.
Number one, if you arent pregnant, it sounds like your body could be thrown off by the absence of the pill. That happens.
However, it does sound to me as though you are pregnant. All of those symptoms are classic symptoms. Are you having ALOT of breast tenderness? I know when I was pregnant, I felt as though my breast were soooo very sore.
Listen, I didnt have a postitive HPT until I was 8 weeks with my first son. I would go out and buy a pack of 3 test, try again in a week, using the first morning urine. There are alot of women whom dont show on a test until a few weeks along following period. It is dependent on how much HCG is in your urine. Please dont grow weary.
Honestly though, it does sound like you are pregnant to me. Very funny about having to make a break for the restroom, I had that issue with my first son, and we were in Japan and I had to use those strange "ground" toilets. Imagine 6 months pregnant trying to use those when you are used to the toilets in USA.
Oh... also, I wanted to let you know, please begin taking prenatal vitamins, even if you arent pregnant. They are VERY good for the body. Now if you have any issues with nausea and have a hard time taking them... take them before you go to bed, and it really helps. Second, you can go to a pharmacy and ask a pharmacist to recommend a stool softener to use during pregnancy, that really helps. I found that eating Post raisin bran helped with the constipation issue. Please drink lots of water, and get a good amount of rest. Please let us know how you are, what you find out, and dont hesitate to PM me or post any other questions.

Hugs and blessings,


I am so glad I'v heard off someone I'm going out of my mind here.
Thank you so much.
I do have tender breasts but there not that bad.. Me and the partner was fooling around this morning and normaly i like my nipples being abit bitten but it really hurt this morning.
Iv tken two tests and both are negative so i just gave up hope. Stupid i know.
Im feeling pretty irritated lately and have done nothing but go up and down with my emothions (pain in the arse)
I cant even eat cocktail sausages and i love them lol.
Oh no i bet you looked a right one trying to use those things.
How do they cope XD
I was told to take folic acid?
I'm so very confused.
Iv still got no period but yet getting the pains.
Youv helped so much its unreal.
Thank you :-)
Is there anything else i need to know about pregnancy, What not to do ect. I dont smoke or drink so that good.

Once again cheers


Hi Guest,
I am not really sure if I remember correctly about the folic acid. Please please be sure to consult your doctor BEFORE taking folic acid. I know that every time I have been pregnant, they have given me prenatal vitamins. They are packed full of what you need. BEFORE taking any medicines (including over the counter and pain) BE SURE to consult your doc...with any meds. The doctor is the only one who can give you a "thumbs up".
Oh, if you are feeling nauseated, ginger ale and ginger snaps work well, along with some saltine crackers. I was pregnant with my first when I lived in Japan (hubby is military), and the smell were SOOOOO strong out there, I could actually smell the grease from the hamburgers in Mcdonalds. CRAZY.... anyway, I pretty much lived on saltines and sprite to drink.

Please let me know how you are and what you find out, ok?