I got my tongue pierced about 6 months ago and I brush my teeth all the time and rinse my mouth out like I'm supposed to and I know it isn't supposed to be fully healed until about a year. My mother and I were Christmas shopping 2 days ago and we ate at Olive Garden and then as soon as we were done my piercing started hurting incredibly bad. At first I thought It was something inside of it so i washed it out and cleaned it but it still kept hurting so I continued to wash it out and clean it. This morning I woke up and my tongue was swollen like it was when I first got it pierced and it's still hurting so bad, especially at the bottom of my tongue. My mother is a doc and she gave me some antibiotics for an infection and I've been taking it for the past 2 days, but like i said when I woke up this morning it hurt worse than before. I know it has to be an infection because it's never hurt like this before and I'm trying to take all the precautions to making it go away. I know I shouldn't take it out if its infected because then the infection would be trapped inside my tongue. I was wondering if anyone else has ran across this and how to make it go away faster. Please help!