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I got my tongue pierced 3 days ago(on saturday) and I've been doing everything I was told to for aftercare. I've been using the sea salt rinse a few times a day, mouthwash and brushing my tongue and teeth after I eat anything and I use mouthwash before I go to bed and when I wake up. This morning when I woke up my tongue looked rather green, though everyone has told me it's normal it kind of freaked me out, but when I brushed my teeth I scrubbed my tongue and the green went away. What's bothering me is this weird green(kind of, I wouldn't call it white, though in person it does look more white than green) circle in front of the top ball. It's kind of freaking me out and I'm not sure what to think, I was going to call my piercer today but they are closed until wednesday and I just want some help with this. It doesn't hurt at all, a little bit when I eat because I haven't been eating much and it's hard to get used to, but other than that it barley swelled as much as I thought it would and it doesn't hurt at all.

(sorry if the pictures are a little gross lol)



chances are that this green stuff that appears on your tongue and now on top of your piercing is yeast - it can appear due to foreign object in your mouth, but also because too strong mouthwash can disturb the natural balance of your mouth.

You should first confirm this with the piercer, of course, but even if it is yeast infection, it's fairly easily treatable and keep an eye on the situation during the next few days - it might go on it's own, as well,

Wish you all the best,