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ok about a week ago i cut a Percocet in to 4 little pieces and i took two pieces and i have a hair fallical test coming up will it show up ..please help me .
thanks kristin


Hey kristin, yes, I think it MAY, hair follicle tests are usually GC/MS, that is gas chromatography mass spectroscopy. This means they can see things down to the itty itty molecules, unlike your standard NIDA 5/EMIT 5 (enzyme multiplied immunoassay technique) which has lower cutoffs but also more false positives where they will then do a gc/ms usually.

Anyways, they MAY only test for morphine,codeine (heroin and other opiods will break down to this too, or similar byproducts after a few steps) however, the semisynethics are usually tested for too from my experience, luckily I never took a job with hair testing, you goin into goverment or just a shitty corporation (in terms of drug test policy?)