I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 1996, had laproscopic surgery and the pain was worse. I had 2 c-sections by then. I dealt with the pain. In 2005 i had a third c-section. Since then the pain has got worse. I had my tubes clamped and had Lupron shots for 6 months and then the Mirena IUD to help my periods. My pain comes on before my period and last for about 3 weeks. I have been on pain medications and Nsaids which I seem to have allergic reactions because i get flu like symptons and rectal bleeding when taking them. So I suffer with over the counter meds. In the last 6 months it has become almost unbearable, I have been nauseated for 3 months and i can no longer sleep through the pain. Pain scale i would say 7 sometimes 8. My family doctor sends me to my obgyn he sends me to a ssurgeon and back to my family doctor. i have had ct, mri, lower g.i., ultrasounds, you name it. The pain starts on my right just below my naval, where its the worse and now covers the lower right side of my abdomen pelvic area and around to my back. My right side is slightly swolled front and back. It is very tender to the slightest touch, especially my panty line. In the past few months i now get severe stabbing pain in my bladder when i need to urinate and also have discomfort in my abdomen when i have a bowel movement. It hurts to walk, at work i have to walk alot and i need to wear a binder to keep the movement down. I have to prop a pillow under my stomach when i lie on my side and some days like today i get upper back pain because i cant stand up straight. What should I do. It hurts so much that i want to go to an emergency room but since i work in a hospital Im pretty sure the outcome would be a large bill and not much else. Other than over the counter motrin i take 100mg zoloft and .5 mg xanax occasionally for anxiety mostly when i cant sleep. I do exercise when im able to walking or jogging a few miles a few times a week.