I was diagnosed with endometriosis when i was 19 im now 26. I had 2 laproscopy surgeries 1 for the diagnoses and 1 for the removal of it. after the removal i was put on lupron for i believe 6 months and it was AWFUL!!! I had terrible hot flashes if i wasnt angry i was crying it was a terrible experience it helped with the pain a bit but the side effects were overwelming. I started having what i thought were panic attacks on the lupron. i got pregnant with my daughter at 22 had her right after i turned 23. During my pregnancy i was diagnosed with epilepsy. i started having grandmal seizures in my sleep. i also found out that those panic attacks i was having were also seizures called partial seizures. because of how hard my pregnancy was my doc and i decided to have my tubes tied to prevent a future pregnancy. i have one child and i was fine with that. about a year after my tubes were tied my periods got sooooo bad. i went back to my doc and asked for a iud ti stop them altogether. he recommened the endometrial ablation that would also help a little bit with endometriosis pain. and until recently it did alot. only having pain from endo when i was on my peroid it was wonderful. well over the past couple weeks i had a cyst the size of an orange burst in my stomach and i noticed the pain right before it did. I couldnt get in to see my new gyne for almost a week. and my old one who performed my previous procedures had left town not long after my ablation and this is the first time i have needed one since. ( please dont lecture me about seeing ur gyne once a year i wont make this mistake again ) anyway another cyst has formed where the other bigger cyst burst which i am told is normal. it is a endometrial cyst. i am waiting to see my doc about my mri however he just wants me to go straight to the lupron shot. i am having pain in my bowel movements and in the morning when i first urinate. and i personally would like another laproscopy to see how bad the endometriosis has progressed and if it has reached other areas of my body. Am i wrong for this? I know when u start to develop endometrial cyst it is a sign of severe endometriosis however i still feel a laproscopy should be performed to see just how bad it is before jumping into a medication. i want to know how bad it is and if any other organs are affected. Am i justified in this or just being paranoid? Is anyone else in the same situation?