I have celiac disease was finally diagnosed last summer had an endo.


Lately though I've been having new symptoms (6 months so far.) Stomach cramping, lower back pain, joint pain, pelvic cramping so bad I can hardly walk. Doctors keep saying the same thing they don't know they just give me the same darn pain pills and send me on.


I don't know where else to go, it hurts all in my lower back side (like rectal area.) And like all in the vaginal area. i'm not pregnant

I'm 18 and don't know why this is happening, it was worse enough having celiac now I have to deal with this?

I think it's a parasite notice long string like in stool. Then I thought maybe IBS? Since a lot of what I feel sounds like it. Then with the vaginal and rectal pain I thought maybe  endometriosis. 


How do I get tested for a parasite when doctors won't take me seriously?