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I was dianosed with severe anemia. I have very, very dark circles under my eyes. I don't have heavy menstrual periods. The doctors can't figure out where i'm losing blood from. have an appointment for stomach ultrasound and kidney test. Has anyone had any similar problems and what was the outcome?

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Hi, my name is Brie and yes i had the same problems you had. The iron test should be 12 and higher mine was 5.0 so they put me in the hospital for 4 days trying to find out where and how i was bleeding durning this i didnt have a period for 6 months so they didnt know what was wrong. They gave me blood, they did a ultrasound, uper Gi (which is a camera down my throght) and the colen sorry about my spelling, threw all this they couldnt find anything. that was 8 almost 9 yrs ago and never had anything else wrong never found out anything the only thing is im on iron pills and have to get a B12 shot once a month. Cause all that my body doesnt make B12 anything they say its a energy. Sorry couldnt be more help just thought i would let you know your not alone on that.