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I am 44 years old and have had very heavy periods all of my life. They are now getting even heavier in my 40's and I was tested for anemia last week due to feeling bad. My hemoglobin was an 8.1 and I am now on 130 mg of iron a day and have an appointment with my OBGYN tomorrow. I also had an ultrasound done, but don't know the results yet. My question is this - heavy periods are normal for me, but I know I am getting close to menopause and heavier periods can cause problems in women my age. I have had no symptoms of cancer of any kind, but could this iron deficient anemia be a cancer symptom? I have worried myself sick. I do feel better after taking the iron though. I have a family history of heavy periods. Please help. Thank you.


Hi!  I saw your post and don't be worried!!  I think you're fine:) I'm 47 and my hemoglobin is 7.9 to 8.0.  I have super heavy periods too and I'm now taking iron.  130 mg per day too.  I just started taking them, and so I haven't seen much of a improvement in my energy level yet.  Hang in there! Welcome to menopause!!