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I'm a 37 year old female. I have been referred to a hematologist because after 1 year of high dose iron supplements my iron levels are still falling.

As of August 1st this is my CBC

TIBC(Total Iron Binding Capacity) 398 (normal)
UIBC 380 (high)
Serum Iron 18 (very low)
Iron Saturation 5 (very low)
Vitamin B12 477 (normal)
Serum Folates (folic acid) 22.9 (normal)

Serum Uric Acid 4.6 (normal)
LDH 166 (normal)
Serum Ferritin 2 (extremely low)
Reticulocyte Count 1.6 (normal)

Any ideas what is going on with this? I also have swollen lymph nodes in my groin, have been having very erratic periods for over a year, tested negative for cat scratch disease and mono.

I'm taking 150mg Ferritin twice a day,75mg Prevacid, 50mg trazadone, 20 mg Lexapro, vitamin c, calcium, and b12

I'm deathly allergic to sulfa drugs so I can't take ferrous sulfate. I'm scared that it might be some kind of cancer.


I have almost the same idea why
iron total 17

total binding capacity 441
transferin sat 4
ferritin <1

it keeps going lower , I'm 37 , no period.... concerned..palpitation, confusion, dizziness , ringing, fatigue...