I was on depo for alil I've 2 years the guy I was with didn't want me on anything els but that. I got off the depo shot last may so a year ago and back in dec wen I finally got my period back. I have the mood swings the anxiety, the depression, the paranoia, the cramping everything. The only thing I'm really afraid of right now is that I have been bleeding for 5 months. The second week in dec I started that lasted two weeks then it's litteraly been every other week since the cept for end of February to march it lasted all month. I just stopped yesterday, but I have no idea for how long and today I am soooo swollen. I've been meaning to go to the doctors but I am scared of what they are going to tell me. I've also gained 40 pounds in the last year and a half and I've been exercising and I can't seem to loose weight. I will never go back on depo. I feel like it's literally killing me.