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so im 15. ive been dating my 16 yr old bf for 4 months. we have had sex twice.... and i need someones help. we have had sex twice, and used a condom both times... but for some reason im still really scared. i usually start my period around the 1st. its the 4th. so im not really late... but i dont know.. i just dont know what to think.

i have read alot on the internet about teen pregnancy. and i realize that theres more ways to get pregnant than just vaginal sex. my boyfriend has fingered me several times.. im kinda worried that maybe he had sperm on his fingers when he did it? what are the chances of that!?!?!

i dont know. im kinda freaking out. my sister got pregnant when she was 17. it ENDED HER LIFE. im so scare.d

please help me...



Well, if you're pregnant there's not much you can do. But it sounds like you're not ready to have sex. I suggest you stop sex and sexual activity for a while. Study methods on safe sex and pregnancy prevention. If you're not pregnant and just late on your period (which can be caused by great levels of stress), then use this time as a learning experience and a chance to discover better ways of preventing pregnancy.

Using a condom is great because it prevents both pregnancy and STDs. But if you want to use a second birth control method, you can use spermicide, birth control pills/patch/ring, or a diaphragm. Spermicide can be purchased at a pharmacy along with condoms. It's about 85% effective and condoms are about 99% effective, when used correctly. You can get condoms with spermicide, if they don't have them already, and use additional vaginal spermicide. (Be aware that spermicide can increase the risk of urinary tract infections.)

With pills, patches, rings and diaphragms, you need a prescription from your doctor. You can safely see a doctor without your parents knowing because the law is they don't have to know. The pill, patch or ring is a highly effective form of birth control, but it takes a month before it's effective. A diaphragm takes careful use and must be done according to instructions.

To find out if you're pregnant, you can go to a pharmacy and purchase them. Get a couple of tests, since the first may turn out negative when in fact you are pregnant. A second test, taken perhaps a week later, will be able to give you a more confirming answer.