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I first started my period at the age of 12 and also started to develop breasts. My periods were pretty regular until the age of 14 when I lost a lot of weight and experienced anorexia/eating disorder. I lost most of my breasts (went down to about a AA cup from a B/C) and my periods completely dissapeared and I've had 2 periods in total since then. I've been in recovery for quite a while now, I'm a healthy weight, eat a balanced diet and I exercise but not excessively. However, even at the healthy weight I am now, my breasts are still barely a AA and my period has not returned. I did have 1 period whilst on the contraceptive pill but I didn't like the pill for other reasons and so stopped taking it, but I'm keen to get my period back in a natural way, although nothing I do seems to be working. I've seen various doctors about my lack of periods and none of them seemed very concerned, and pretty much just said that some women never get their periods back properly and that's that. But surely that isn't healthy? I've had blood tests to check my hormone levels and they all came back okay but still I am worried about it. Also I know that breasts come in all different shapes and sizes and all of them are beautiful, but it does make me feel really self concious, especially since all the women in my family have large breasts. Part of me feels like I've experienced delayed or stunted puberty but there doesn't seem to be any answers. Everyone remarks on how young i look and it gets me down. I know that this isn't a professional doctor site but i was just wondering if anybody else had/is experiencing the same thing. 


Hello)) probably your doctor knows more than I do, but I would like to say that in my opinion this is not very good. Irregular menstrual cycle - this is how the various gynecological diseases can manifest themselves. In addition to the irregular cycle, the character of the menstrual cycle is also disturbed: suddenly they become more painful and go abundantly, for example. Any deviation from the habitual state should excite a woman, this should not be delayed, you should contact a gynecologist. Of course, I understand that the menstrual cycle has become rare due to the fact that a long time ago you lost weight. But, in fact now you weigh normally, at you that's all right with hormones. Did you go to a gynecologist and an endocrinologist? After all, this is not normal, if in 20 years there is no menstrual cycle. Maybe it was due to the fact that you were taking birth control pills? Contraceptives affect the work of the ovaries, interfere with the production of sex hormones. Instead, the necessary hormones come from outside. To adapt to new conditions, the body takes 3 months. During this time there may be a delay in the monthly, but a new packing of tablets is taken according to the schedule. Then the monthly is completely absent. If the situation is observed all 3 months, the question arises of replacing the drug. The same story happens after the abolition of tablets, if the woman took them for a long time. The organism again has to adjust to new conditions. The delay in menstrual periods is two to four months.