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Back in January I lost my virginity, he had a condom and he didn't finish either I made him stop because of how much it was hurting me. A few days after I got my period and it lasted the normal time, as months came they became lighter and this month June and I'm a month late for my period. I'm thinking I'm not pregnant because I'd probably be showing by now I'd be between 18 and 20 weeks. And I've taken 6 pregnancy tests two of them when I noticed my period was late in April just to make sure I'm not one of few women who still have a period while pregnant.

I'm wondering I've been told before by a friend that losing my virginity would change my hormones. Is that true? Are hormonal changes why my periods have been so irregular and now I'm late? I've also since I thought I was pregnant lost weight and inches and have been fluctuating is that another reason I could be late on my period? 

I'm getting worried about this because I've been having cramps like I normally would, spotting between when i would have my period like I normally do and what not just like I will have my period but I just haven't had it.  

I would love to know what others think is going on with me. Oh and I haven't had sex since then so I know I'm not er well I'm thinking I'm not. 


You are NOT pregnant honey so relax with that! And good for you for using a condom! My main question is "When did you start your periods?" and "Do you have discharge or feel sickly (like an infection"