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Natural breast enhancement is one of the most popular goals of women who want to improve their appearance. Whether they want to increase the size of their breasts or a patient wants to correct any sagging as the result of aging or childbirth.
Enhancing the breasts naturally is a common request.  However, while surgery can physically, and permanently, change the appearance of the breast, these procedures are not for everyone.  A woman may not be able to afford the surgical procedure or they may not be able to have the procedure due to health reasons.  In either case, natural alternatives are sought out – with usually no benefit.

No Potions, Lotions, or Pills

Currently, there are no FDA approved potions, lotions, or pills on the market which have been proven to naturally enhance the appearance, shape, or firmness of the breast.  Though many manufacturers can make these claims without FDA approval, this does not mean the products are actually effective.  Some of the most common products include:

•    Vitamin supplements – These pills are said to help the body rebuild collagen, which can lead to firmer and more youthful looking breasts.
•    Herbal medications – With these herbs, it is said the body can begin to produce the necessary hormones in order to increase breast size.
•    Lotions and creams – The products applied directly to the breast are said to change the skin tone and firmness, while also helping to penetrate the skin cells directly.

But the truth is that these products do not work, as breasts don’t change due to any medications.  Breast size only changes with weight gain and weight loss, childbirth and breastfeeding, injuries, or from breast implants.  Applying these ointments or taking supplements will not affect the physical structure of the breast.

Methods that might be able to change the size of the breast

Using Suction May Work Slightly

Some studies are showing that a device called the Brava might be able to change the size of the breast.  This device is attached to the breast for a certain period of time over the course of several weeks or months.  The Brava will create suction on the breast, helping to increase blood flow to the area, which can result in a slightly larger appearing breast.  However, the woman will need to continue to use the device for extended periods of time in order to maintain the results.  Most women who use the device find that the results are not permanent and the suction method can be painful and even cause injury to the sensitive breast tissue.

Some Support for Exercise

The breast tissue is comprised of milk duct and fatty tissue which make it easier for the tissue to begin to sag and to change with major lifestyle adjustments.  For example, if a woman loses a significant amount of weight, the breasts can become smaller. 

Other Breast Myths Debunked

Some say that wearing a bra all the time will also help to change the appearance of the breast, but this is not the case either.  Though a bra can help the appearance of the breast under clothing, the bra will only serve to reduce the impact gravity has on breast tissue.  In time, the breast will still begin to sag, with larger breasts seeing more sagging than smaller breasts.

The Final Answer

In the end, breast enhancement without surgery doesn’t appear to be possible, at least not in the way most women would like.  True, the breasts do change over the course of time, but improving the appearance of the breasts requires more than simple supplements, devices, and exercise.  To permanently alter the appearance of the breasts, plastic surgery is the answer.  After all, if there were a nonsurgical way to alter the breasts, breast augmentation would not be the most requested plastic surgery procedure for women, with over 300,000 breast augmentations in the United States alone each year.