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Hey everyone, im confused of my sexuality because i can get aroused by gay porn or naked men on occasions, but i have many memories of being aroused by women. Like in harold and kumar go to white castle, the scenes with boobs in it used to turn me on a lot, and i wished i could have that girl, i used to go through my dads playboys and get aroused, i went to the beach this summer and there was a girl taking off her pants in such a provocative way that it made me want to lay her out. I dont want to have sex with guys, it seems gross and foreign for me, but for some reason it can turn me on watching it. And one more thing, sperm is the grossest thing in the world for me, i heard somewhere that your orientation can be found by what genders bodily fluids you are attracted to, and i cant even stand my own sperm, never tasted it and makes me gag thinking about someone elses on me. It seems like this isnt something a gay man could go through right? Thanks for the replies!


Watch some porn.  And get a hairbrush handle and squat on it while u r naked and hump it slow at first and then hard. Rub it hard. And ur niples to. Hope it helps

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