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okay, so ive been trying to write this topic for a couple days now since i dont really know where to start, or how to title it, but here goes....

ive always seen myself as a straight male. ive never questioned it, reasons being: ive never been attracted to a boy in my life. I always had crushes on girls from a young age, and as i grew older i became more sexually attracted to them, i sometimes get boners from just looking at girls and also, i'm physically,sexually and emotionally attracted to a girl right now and would do anything to make her my girlfriend.

However, i found that i sort of get aroused by penises. I say this basically, because of my porn watching habits, and two experiences ive had in the past. 

So to begin, i started watching porn around age 13(really early. i know). Before that, i used to masturbate to pictures of women in comics or wherever else i could find them. around age 15, while scrolling through a regular site, i found a category that was just cumshots. ie: just men jerking their penises off until they came. and i found that just as arousing as the straight porn i used to watch. i never thought much of it at that point and i had continued to enjoy my straight porn. but later on in life, say, around age 16/17, i had a non sexual dream where in it, there was another boy who looked alot like me and was naked. and i remember that after i woke up i had an urge to look up nude men(just pictures of naked men; errect or otherwise). during that time, and also to this day, i'd never actually gotten into "gay porn"(men having sex with men) in fact, i found it, and still find it to be quite a turn off. once again, i thought nothing of this either and continued to favour, and enjoy alot of straight porn.

the two experiences i had in the past were, once, aronund the age that i begun masturbating, there was a kid that used to flash me his penis as a joke. and once, while masturbating, i imagined that i was him, having sex with the girl i liked at the time. the other experience was seeing the penis of a bunk mate by accident in a smmer camp i once went to. I thought it looked nice, but there was no arousal there.

The reason i'm making this post though, is to simply ask the question, is it normal for someone straight to become aroused seeing a penis? or for that matter, could i really call myself straight? Im asking this because its been bothering me for a couple months due to the fact that i asked myself why im doing what im doing, and it has made porn watching, masturbating and even deriving enjoyment from looking at women hard for me 


Hi Guest,

It's OK for a guy to want to see another man's penis and even for him to ejaculate.  It's a natural curiosity for you to want to know if you are "normal."

You can relate to how a guy responds during arousal - it's normal.

You haven't acted on these thoughts.

Don't worry.




That's all perfectly normal for all guys to want to see how other guys are hung and how you stack up and compare, and how other men's sex organs work compared to yours. becoming a man is exciting and you want to share that and celebrate it with other guys and compare experiences and abilities. All that is normal and healthy for all guys. All men and women are a combination of part straight and part homosexual to different degrees and mixtures, that is all normal. All guys have some degree of interest and excitement from seeing other males bodies and in sexual ways. Whatever combination of straight and not straight you feel is comfortable is right for you. Just accept that all people can enjoy males and females to different degrees and this is normal and healthy. Nearly all males look at some porn and see what males do in porn as part of that. Most guys will take a look at gay and lesbian porn too and that does not make them gay or lesbian lol. It makes them normal and curious males looking for knowledge and excitement. Just accept whatever you are and enjoy it guilt free.