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okay, on the 29th April, my boyfriend and I went to a waterfall. We kissed a lot, and cuddle whatnot. I sat onto his lap in the water and he had boner. The boner was right to my hole but i didnt care bc i thought as long as he dont ejaculate. I forgot the chances of precum there was high. I totally forgot bout that, c**p. Later, I gave him a head on dry land. He did precum, twice. Then both of us went into the water again, because we want to get out from there. He gave me a head after that, on dry land of course, and fingered me. My period is irregular and an app said i supposed to have my period on 6th of May. Im really paranoid cause inside of me i might be pregnant but i really wish Im not tho. Is there a high chance to get pregnant? Can you get pregnant from precum? Please help! :(


Hello there. Darling, let me put this clear - whenever you don't use any type of protection, there are some chances (it doesn't matter are they small or big, because they exist) to make you pregnant. The same thing can happen when it comes to a precum, meaning that you can actually get pregnant by precum. It can happen because for example, your boyfriend finished before another intercourse, meaning that there is a still so called pre - seminal fluid in his"little one".  So, this is where pre-seminal fluid and unprotected vaginal sex can lead to pregnancy. Sure, there are small chances, much smaller than getting pregnant with cum, of course - but that doesn't mean that they don't exist.