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I was meant to have implanon out about two weeks ago but I could only get an appointment for next Wednesday. The date ended roughly two weeks ago. I've been feeling ill for the last two weeks and not sure why. I'm thinking it might be because I haven't taken the implanon out yet. I have had NO periods for 3 years whilst being on it. But I've started them today so it seems. When I finally get it out n Wednesday will there be any sides effects? People said they felt depressed on implanon, which I did a bit, so apparently that feeling goes. Is there anything else? Just wondering. And does it hurt when it gets taken out? Or don't you feel anything. 


I had it out almost a week ago.  I have been nauseous  tired, slept for a full day, light brown and darker red bleeding with clots, lots of cramping, and bloating.  I think the body has to adjust to the loss of the hormones specific to the Implanon.  Anything will be better than the side effects on it.  I don't want to feel pregnant again until I AM pregnant again.