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So im going to tell my story first. 

August 1st, i got out implanon which i had in a little over a year. I bled right away for three days. I had sex everyday until that sunday the 7th with him pulling out(i know its not the greatest way but anyways). then sunday i went on birthcontrol for about a week. I got off it the 16th because i was really nauseous, light headed, really moody, constipated. I thought it might be that. Around the 14th i started having brown blood go on my underwear, which ended going to heavy blood with clots for about 2 days and went to light bleeding(this all only last five days) Its now the 25 and I have been sick for this whole time. My boobs have gotten bigger, im nauseous, i now have headaches, ive lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks, im still light headed,very moody, and also very hunger(i wake up some days starving) 1 day i had brown discharge(i think the 22nd). I went to the doctors to check if i was pregnant and if i had anything else wrong with me. the pregnancy test came back negative and everything looks great(i certainly feel like im dying) 

So, i also had sex on the 15th without pulling out and if i had my period right after that would have been my ovulation date.


well you're suposed to be on birth controle BEFORE you have sex ... because if you take it after then i wont prevent a pregnancy.... and if your nipples are getting darker or or really sencitive then yes you have convived... you should probably take the test again or go to the doctor for a blood exam because that's the only was to make shore that you are or are not ... best of wishes -bay bay 29