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Hello everyone~

I have been charting my BBT for 4 months now. Every month I have seen it drop to 97.2 the day I got AF and it stayed there for the entire period...Now this month is alot different!! On day 27, I was 98.3. On day 28, I was 98.0. On day 29, I was 97.3. On day 30, I was 98.1. On day 31, I was 98.1. I usually have a luteral phase of 10. Day 27 was day 11 for me. I do have to tell you that each one of these days I had spotting or a light bleed, but with no clotting. I also did not have any cramps, which is very unusual for me. I usually have to take medication for the cramps. Ever since day 29, I have had frequent urination and my uterus feels full (I don't know how to explain it). I was wondering if the temperatures indicate an implantation dip since the temperature went high again when I am usually low. I have also had headaches more and backaches..Someone please help!!!


Hmmmmm maybe your over thinking it?