first of all im twenty three and have had regular cycles my whole life there like clock work 28 days 15 lutheal (sorry if spelling is wrong) well my fiance does not use birth control just the pull out method which i know there is always a chance with using the method. I was suposed to get my period on july 22 and got it a day late had light clotty period for two days stoped for two spotted when wiped stoped and three days later again with wiping on august 2 had sex, 4th sex temp of 98.1 and egg white discharge little tint of blood, 6th sex 98.1 , 7th 97.9, 8th sex 98.0 increased appitite, 9th sex 98.0 and was feeling very emotional all day had vivid dreams backache and cramps, 10th 98.1 really sore boobs cramps, 11th 98.3 cramps and had head cold, 12th sex 98.1 head cold, 13th sex 98.6 had taken pregnancy test on the 7th but was negitive but thought maybe i took it to early and was just wondering if anyone else had anything like this or have had friends with similar things what was the result?? Sorry for the clutterd message am on my cell phone but any opions are greatly appricated unless ur being a smartass but thanks to u that r not :-)