So I've spent the last three nights obsessing over this and so I've decided to turn to others for insight.

(I apologize in advance if any of this is TMI.)

First of all I am 24 and have been on Yaz well over 2 years and I haven't missed a pill since before my last period. Before Yaz my periods were irregular but since I've been on it, like clockwork, my period has always started the day I take the last placebo pill. My last period started on January 10th and (in keeping with my regular cycle) my next is due to start on Sunday (February 7th).

I have recently been dating a guy and we have had unprotected sex three times (stupid I know), the most recent being almost a week and a half ago (January 22nd).

When I went to the restroom two days ago (January 30th) I noticed a bit of light brown mucus on my panties and on the tissue when I wiped. I have never had spotting before my period, so it immediatly had me worried and freaked out. Needless to say I didn't sleep well. Yesterday (January 31st) there was a little more brown mucus but also mixed in with my normal clear discharge. That brings us to today (February 1st). There hasn't been any increase in the amount of mucus, but now small brown "clots" are starting to appear.

I've read on various message boards about Implantation Bleeding and have read all about the light pink/brown color discharge, but nothing mentions "clots", the discharged mixed in with regular clear discharge. I'm really worried about this because a baby isn't exactly what I'm looking for at this point in my life. I know it's too early for a home pregnancy test to be accurate, but waiting this week is going to be TORTURE.

Any insight that anyone can offer would be tremendously appreciated.

(P.S. - Never relying on the pill as my only form of birth control EVER again!)