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i am sick of using condoms but my girlfriend doesnt want to go back on the pill. she used it for two years straight and had some nasty side effects.

i heard that there is a period during th menstrual cycle where the woman cannot get pregnant and was wondering if anyone could tell me when this is? are there any other natural contraception methods available?


yea this would be helpfull to be also, i heard its the first few days after the woman has finished her period


Listen: the ONLY way you can safely garentee a "safe" period to have sex, is for your girlfreind to MEDICALLY MONITOR HER OVULATION. with A basal body tempurature reading or using ovulation kits - in both cases its best that she see a doctor or family planning or fertility center for a consultation.

NOT guessing "ooo about 14 days before my period". This won't work.

if she is young, has irregular or short cycles, you CANT totally predict ovulation. if this is the case: there are NO safe times in the cycle to have sex.

remember: sperm can live in the female organs for up to a WEEK, waiting for an egg to be released. and this egg has a 48 hour window until it dies.
this means: If YOU have unprotected sex and she ovulates within anytime up to 8 days later, she CAN get pregnant.
(Evultoad4: this is why it is NOT safe to have unprotected sex after she finishes her period! she finishes a period cycle day 5, you have sex the next day, sperm live for a week, day 13! ovulation! WHOOPS she's knocked up!)

Unprotected sex is a stupid idea unless you are trying for a child together.

There are NON HORMONAL methods of contraception she can use, such as the female condom, the coil or IUD. which will SAFELY prevent pregnancy with little side effects.

NON MEDICINAL contraception has a HIGH faliure rate. The withdrawal method has a high faliure rate of up to 40% because PRECUM can contain sperm. and if you pull out even a fraction of a second late she will conceive!

Whats worse, wearing a condom? or having a kid suck up the next 18 years of your life? If you are having an adult sexual relationship: I am sure you can make an adult desicion.