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My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex on December 25th and again on Dec. 31st. Her period began on December 29th. From what I read, a woman can only get pregnant around the time which she is ovulating. If ovulation occurs around 2 weeks before the period which would mean that she was ovulating around the week of Dec. 15th. After ovulation, the egg is only available to be fertilized for about 2 days. Her period is very consistent and always comes during the last few days of each month. Based on these dates, is it possible that she could be pregnant?


First unprotected sex can lead to children. If you are not ready for that financial responsibility and she isn't ready for that life commitment as a mommy: wrap it up, get on the pill, or stop.

Ovulation happens opposite the period for most women. So if you take the start dates and divide them in half that is the window of ovulation. No here's the catch: sperm can live inside her for multiple days. You have sex 2-3 days before the egg drops out and one of those little guys may be hanging out for his chance. 2-3 days after the egg drops you have sex and it is sitting low with a massive attack of sperm. If you are trying to not get pregnant, then avoid these days because the odds are bad. Of course she could be that girl with a slightly different ovulation cycle off by a couple of days. You just don't know unless she studies it and even then she may not know for sure.

So, most likely she is not pregnant. She had her period within the week of having sex. If she misses the January period, go get a test.