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me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on the 12th on november and i ovulated on the 13-16og november can i be pregnant if the sperm last for up to 3-5 days....


Yes, I think it is a definite possiblity. Unprotected sex either a few days before or after ovulation can and has made babies. The time estimates on how long the egg survives and the sperm survives are just that, estimates.
Everyone is different. If you are really worried there are Home Pregnancy tests on the market that can tell you the answer before you've even missed a period. If you have the money you might want to invest in one for your peace of mind.

Based on when you think you ovulated you should have a period around the first couple of days of December. Remember though that the 28 day cycle is also just an estimate and your body might be different. If you have longer periods or irregular periods it will be harder to use the calendar method to predict ovulation. If you aren't using more reliable predictors of ovulation, like cervical mucus and basil body temperature you might want to look into those methods.

Good luck and keep in touch! :-)