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actually i need to do sex with my bf so every time we do but he doesnt allow the cum inside so we are palnning to do tht this time tel me when we have to do but i should not get pregnancy...............


it is difficult to be certain when it is safe to have sexual intercourse and not get pregnant.
if you are not using any form of contraception, it is possible to get pregnant any time that you have sexual intercourse and your bf ejaculates his sperm into your vagina.

if you have very regular periods, like every 28 days for example, then as you are about to start your period should be a safe time , because the lining of your womb, uterus, will come away when you have your period, and an egg will not have oportunity to embed itself into the lining of the womb.

but because you cant be sure how long the sperm will live, it could fertilize an egg in the fallopian tube , it will then travel to the womb, and if your period is quite short. you could still get pregnant.

so no one can tell you for certain when you can do it safely if bf is going to cum inside you,
you need some form of contraception, female condom, male condom, BC pills.

otherwise when his sperm squirts inside you , it can make you pregnant.
so dont take unnecessary risks


Any unprotected vaginal sex can cause pregnancy; male pre-ejaculatory fluid contains sperm which can still make you pregnant even if he does not ejaculate into you, so unless you would like a child, use contraception whenever engaging in vaginal sex. Hope this helps.