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My good friend of mine (19) and i (15) had unprotected sex three weeks ago and i should be getting my period as soon as tomorrow. We had sex 2 days after i ended my period. I doubt that i am pregnant, but im still cautious. He did pullout before he had ejaculated but im not sure about the percent that some could have been in me. He didnt go back in either. Also, would i feel if he had ejaculated inside of me? any advice?


Unprotected sex always carries the risk of pregnancy. Even if you think that 2 days after your period isn't near ovulation, be aware that his sperm can live inside you for up to 5 days, waiting for an egg to be released. this is especially risky if you are young, your cycles are shorter or irregular.

Did you even think about Pre-ejaculate (or Precum) ?? That can contain sperm too! So even if he didn't ejaculate, there is still a chance to get pregnant and many women do get pregnant without the man even ejaculating. This is why the pull-out method has a high faliure rate, which can be as high as 40% of women conceiving using it instead of a reliable birth control.

Considering the time in your cycle you had sex, the chances are pretty low,
but I would strongly suggest you stop having unprotected sex. Its just a matter of time before you get pregnant. Every time you have unprotected sex with ejaculation its a one in three chance of conceiving. thats pretty high!!!! Why don't you go on the pill?