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I am 30 yrs old and have been dealing with ADD for some time now, but failed to get help. I finally did, and was placed on Adderall 5 mg Xr. I have not started taking the persciption yet and I have read about it. Is there anyone out there that can tell me anything about it...Like will I loose my appetite, will a low dose like that (5mg Xr) work, how long will it last, ect...I have read info about it, but I'd rather hear from someone that has personally taken the med themselves....Please HELP! Thanx in advnace!


I started taking Adderall 30mg 6 yrs ago when I was 44.  My 17 yo son had just been put on it after trying many different medications for  nine yrs.  This change was so profound I had to try it knowing I had had ADD for yrs and had  no treatment.. I did not loose my appetite but the clarity of thought was amazing.  When my mind tried to wonder off or I tried to start another task besides what I was doing, I felt as if my mind was pulled back on task.  The dose lasted about 9 to 12 hours just as my doctor said it would.  When I first started taking it I would experience increased energy for the first 1 to 2 hours then I would feel normal.  Believe it or not, if I was sitting still working on a task I would get very relaxed, focused and even a little sleepy. Then if I got up and moved around, I was normal and focused. My heart rate was in the 80's my blood pressure did not go up on the medication.  Adderall calmed and focused my wondering mind while enhancing my ability to think more clearly.  My mind stays on task and actually remembers little things I use to always forget.  Now when I take it and go to the doctor I feel so calm and relaxed he is amazed I took the medicine.  I asked if I'm this calm on this dose does it mean I must truly have ADD and need the medicine - he says yes.