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If there is anyone out there that can help me i would really like to hear from you. so for about the past 2 years i have been on adderall xr 10mg to 25mg in the past 2 years. I can not gain weight it feels impossible i dont know what to do. i know it is the adderall but i am a college student i really need it. Im 19 yrs old i weight about 125-130. I do not know what to do PLEASE someone can you help me. is there weight gaining pills, ill do anything to gain weight.

Michael Jones



I used to take adderall and experienced the same problem. I lost over 30 lbs in two months, then I slowly lost weight until I leveled out at about 160 lbs (from a previous 205), and I am 6'3". Loosing that much weight so quickly is not healthy, and I could not stop it. I remember the feeling of food not sounding good. It sucks. But, the reason I was loosing weight is because I was not eating as much as I should have been. If you never lost any weight when you began taking adderall, then it is likely that you just have a high metabolism, and you would have a hard time gaining weight anyways. Nevertheless, the adderall is absolutely no help, when it comes to the weight issue.

I finally found a few things things that helped me reverse the weight loss and maintain a normal weight. First, always eat a large breakfast BEFORE taking your pill in the morning. Second, you will have to force yourself to eat. I literally reminded myself, because if I waited too long, and I became too hungry without noticing, then nothing sounded good anymore. And third, eat things that are high in fats, but do not become unhealthy. What I mean is, try to eat a balanced diet, but have it slightly higher in fats than a normal diet. Do things like eating red meat instead of chicken or fish. Also, you might want to consider a multivitamin, just to be safe.
If everything else fails to help you get up to a healthy weight, you might consider skipping your pill for a day per week, so you can have a normal appetite (you will probably want to eat everything in site if you have been taking adderall for two years without a break); then start you normal dose back up the next day.

How tall are you? (To give something to compare the weight to.)

Hope this helps, even if it is 4 months later.