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Hey guys.
Well the thing is,

I've been to Catholic private schools and they've basically traumatized me for life. I'm even scared of ever doing something stupid and using a condom /the pill and still getting pregnant. I really don't know anything and I always thought condoms break at least 40% of the time. It really scares me.
I've known this guy for about a year we're going to have a date in a while and I'm afraid I might go with my impulses and have sex. I don't want to have kids with him and want to be protected. We talked about it and he said he won't force me and I'm not doing of this to please him for everyones' information. He said if we do, he'd use a condom and that it's not big deal. But I'm still dead scared because I feel as though there's an 80% chance because I don't understand how so many people get pregnant if condoms can work well.
I can't talk to this about my parents because they will scream if they even hear the noun, " boy ".

Could anyone please help? This is really serious. :'( I'm really scared of getting pregnant that I even cry.

Merci beaucoup



Well first off you should not have sex if you are so worried about it even before doing it, because believe me, you will feel worse afterwards even more. If you did have sex, then its done. I'm sure you used a condom, and you may be freaking out, but I am sure you are fine. If you want to continue having sex, then you should get on birth control so you feel a little more comfortable using 2 forms of birth control. Abstinence is always the best form, but if you do choose to have sex, do it in the most safe way possible. I am a worrier much like yourself... it can take a toll on you so try not to worry so much and focus more on your own personal facts... Like examine the condom after he uses it to check for holes, make sure you are both checked before encountering in sexual activity so you can make sure no transmission of STDs happen etc... Those sort of things will help you worry less and enjoy it more. But make sure he IS someone you can depend on bc if anything does happen, you want to make sure is dependable and open.
I know the response is late, but hope it helped.


i know ths response is late but you and your friend should go see a doctor (together) and talk about birth control if you are both ready; you should also be tested for any std/sti's. sorry hon, but a condom has a 14% chance of failing, not 40% but you probably don't want to rely on them alone. the pill might be the best option for you but make sure you are ready for this step and talked to a doctor. it's a big decision and you should be prepared for whatever happens. make sure you want to give this to your guy and he is very special to you. take care