I am 16 years old, I weigh approximently 193 pounds and I am 6'3. I'm some what chubby and I don't get the chance to work out all the time, though I try to.

My question is, what is a good diet for me to start on. What foods (examples are nice) should I be eating? At school I don't often get the chance to eat healthy foods, so I drink a lot of milk and eat what ever is healthiest.

Also if it's not too much trouble, what would be a good workout routine for me? I'm looking to set my self up a workout program, but when I make it, it always ends up being too long, and I don't have time to do it due to homework and the like.

-I have dumbells, a bench, and a dog to run with. I just need to know how to do what, and what to do for how long.

Merci beaucoup!