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I am 21 years old and have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I am on birth control (Aviane) so I have a regular period every month. Before I went on birth control, I would get one to three periods a year. Recently, my boyfriend and I have started having sex. We use a condom every time and I never miss a pill. With all three of these "anti-pregnancy" things (pcos, birth control, and condom use) is there any way I could be pregnant?? My period is a little late this month and I'm freaking out a little bit. 

Also, I was just on antibiotics for a uti. 

Anyone have any clue what's going on??


If you're still active on this post can you say what happened? Did you end up pregnant or not? I'm experiencing the same thing which is rare I think so I'm very curious! :)