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I am having a lot of stomach pain/cramping on a daily basis in my lower abdomen. I have an IUD in and it has been in with no problems for about two years. I am still having regular periods. (I have only had one partner, in case that helps). I also am getting some excessive vaginal discharge- white and brown chalky before my period.
The pain seems to intensify when I am frusterated or stressed out. I also get very faint and dizzy and nautious when it hurts.

I want to see a doctor, but I am in the US and not a citizen so I have no access to healthcare for at least two weeks (when I go back to Canada).

I am curious of what the pain might be and if I should fly home to get it checked out sooner?


i was at work yesterday and i got this real sharp pain in my lower adomen . the pain so bad i fell down blacked out was in convulsions throwing up .. my eyes were rolling back into my head .. i was just wondering what would eb the cause of it .. and i am on my period to would that have anyhting to do with it