I am 20 years old, no kids... I have been having unprotected sex with one person for 3 years. We tried to get pregnant and for some reason I can't!! I looked online for new positions that are suppost to help so roughly 3 1/2 weeks ago we tried it. Now I am having lower abdominal pains, (it feels like it's in my uterus) they are very sharp and they come and go thru out the day. I am also feeling very bloated and my lower stomach feels hard. I'm also constipated and my breasts are hurting behind my muscle and it's also a sharp pain. I'm having a pain in my lower back as well and come's and go's. (All this started about a week after we tried this new position so it's been going on about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks) I'm not due for my period until the 12th. (Of this month, July) so the HPT i took came back negative. I honestly don't think I am pregnant because we've had such bad luck. BUT- I read online that you could have a miscarriage (<- Spelling?) and think it's a really bad period. Well, about 2 years ago, I had what I thought was a period but the pain so was intense that I cried and it would wake me up at night and I couldn't do anything but sit in an indian style position and rock myself back and forth. My periods normally last 3-5 days and this lasted 7. Could that have been a miscarriage? I would fill up a pad in about 30 minutes and this happend probably 3 times that year. (We were TTC) I've been to the doctor since but when I had my PAP would they have found something?? I also had an ultra sound not to to long after all this happend because I was having pains and they found a small cyst but said that it was nothing serious because I was about to get my period and it's normal for a womans body to creat cysts and then they go away after the period. I forget what they called it. Anywho... I'm nervous about what's going on with my body and these pains are hurting and they are noticable so I can't ignore them.. I dunno, any idea's on what's going on??