Hey, I've been having some serious issues lately and I'd appreciate it if anyone can shed some light on it (should they of had it previously).
Please note: I am not female

So, it started roughly two weeks and a half/3 weeks  ago, I got some pains in my stomach (NOT my lower right abdomen). I thought it was just regular stomach ache and it went away after a couple of hours and I thought nothing of it.

I thought it was weird when it happened another 3 times that week for only a couple of hours and it went off again.

Anyway, the following week I had no pains in my stomach, so I thought nothing of it.

Then it became worse. I started having it much more frequently last week and on much more regular intervals & it also lasting longer.

As the week progressed it became increasingly painful. I had diarrhoea for a day and a half and then it stopped. I also had the worst indigestion I've ever had (it took 2 gaviscon tablets to completely get rid of!)
And trust me, I have reflux oesophagitis and it was AWFUL.

I consulted the internet and the options available appeared to be quite dangerous (should I have the diseases or problems they were suggesting)

Anyway, I became worried so I called NHS Direct and they diagnosed me over the phone (by this time I had severe pain in the lower right) and they believed I had a viral stomach infection.

I decided as the pain still hadn't stopped I'd go to the doctor but eventually decided I'd see how I would go.

Now, as my father is a microbiologist I consulted him further this week and he doesn't believe it could be viral as it's been going on for some time now, especially when considering my symptoms, which are:

  • Almost constant pain in my stomach and it can shift to my lower right abdomen
  • Increasingly painful lower back (in which the only way to get rid of the pain is to lie down, after roughly 15 mins of standing up etc)
  • It does not hurt to eat but I ALWAYS get pain after eating (varies in time, sometimes it can be instant sometimes it may take 10 minutes)
  • Pain comes and goes

I'd love to hear your replies, thank you.