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what do i do i have been on birth control for like 3 years well i ran oui still had sex the my period came had it for four days then it went away the two days later it came back the it went away for three days an now its back again what do i do im going crazy whats wrong????plz help!!!!!!!

Loading... 16 yrs old i have this problem that is making me nervous well me nd my girl had sex yesterday whick is march 3 cuz its march 4 here well she has iregular cycle she didn't had her period last january but she did had her period last febuary 8 so basicaly im worried if she would have her period this come march 8? nd is it safe that we had sex 4 days before her period comes?alot of people says that its not safe cuz she has iregular period but she did have her period last febuary 8 would it still be safe?what if her period dont come this coming march 8?what should i do?please help :/